Video Annotations

What It Is

RedBlue allows content producers to create “hypervideo” (interactive online video), such as choose-your-own-story films.

This is achieved by annotating videos with time-based links and UI using our open standard, HVML (Hypervideo Markup Language).

Hypervideo provides a more immersive experience than regular video, offering higher audience engagement rates, more rewatchability, better brand recall with ads, and a unique selling point for filmmakers.

Launch Prototype

(requires the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox on Desktop)

Developer Guide

Learn how to develop hypervideo experiences with RedBlue and HVML.

Why “RedBlue”?

Namesake is the red pill/blue pill option that Morpheus gives Neo in The Matrix. Neo is faced with a decision that creates a branching point in the story. We know which option he took in the film, but what if he took the other? What would the rest of the film look like? With RedBlue, all potential storylines can be canonical.


RedBlue is pre-launch but web developers can grab the alpha with yarn add redblue.

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